Don’t Hate AJ McCarron’s Girlfriend, Katherine Webb, For Getting An Offer To Cover The Super Bowl For Inside Edition

  • Glenn Davis

Brent Musburger didn’t think his comments about AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, during the national championship game warranted an apology. Webb didn’t think they did, either. And even if one thought the salivating over Webb went on a bit long during the title game broadcast, it’s hard to say now that the resulting attention hasn’t been a net positive for Webb. There was the speculation that she’d be in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue (thanks to a deleted tweet by Webb herself). There was the later confirmation of said speculation. And last night, Webb announced another result of the whirlwind surrounding her for the past week-plus:

It remains to be seen how well Webb does in the role, and predictably, some seemed indignant that she’d get such an offer. To which we’d say: take it up with the Inside Edition people. Webb? All she’s doing is saying yes to opportunities most other people would also say yes to. She didn’t ask for the firestorm, but you can’t say she’s not making the most of it.

Or, you know where you should really direct your ire if you’re that troubled by Webb’s sudden rise to fame (and again, we don’t think you should be)? Musburger. For better or worse, without his fawning, she’s not an insta-celeb. Same thing happened with Jenn Sterger. No one makes a star with one gawk quite like Brent, and no one ought to blame Webb for taking advantage. Just please, for the love of God, let’s all hope this ends better than Sterger’s brush with fame did.

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