BREAKING: America’s Girlfriend To (Possibly!) Appear In Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

  • Dan Fogarty

Katherine Webb, the now-internet-famous girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron (and noted object of Brent Musburger’s heavy breathing) may be posing in the nation’s foremost pageant of SFW skin and pageviews, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Just to recap how we got here: Webb, already kind of internet famous –there’s only so young you can be the hot, slightly older, Miss Alabama USA girlfriend of the Crimson Tide’s starting quarterback before the SEC’s various message boards find you out– garnered a new level of attention when Musburger talked about how pretty she was for a beat or two too long during Monday night’s national title game between Alabama and Notre Dame.

Like a friendly uncle welcoming your new girlfriend into his home (but not noticing the half-chubbie he’s sporting while doing so), Musburger so welcomed Ms. Webb into our homes. A refresher:


(He also noticed AJ McCarron’s mom, because Brent is an insatiable titan of southernfootballlust, especially around BCS time. You know what they say about Dick Vitale? Same holds true for The Musk-Burger. He’ll holler at your whole fam.)

Anyway, back to Webb’s possible appearance in the Swimsuit Issue. The news came via a tweet, which read:

“It’s official…shooting with Sports Illustrated! #Blessed”

The tweet was then #deleted, but not before a million other people saw it and retweeted it. For the sake of Brent Musburger’s blood pressure –and the pleat of his khakis– we hope he’s sitting down when he gets the news.*

*Note: we love Brent Musburger, and what he said really wasn’t that creepy.

[h/t Dr. Saturday]