Keith Olbermann’s History Of Bo-Pelini-Esque, Vulgar Sports Rants Is Awesome

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Keith Olbermann’s cleverly named show, “Olbermann,” is quickly becoming my favorite sports TV show. The only one I’ll consistently watch, along with “Fox Sports Live.” (Unless you count “The League.”) First, Olbermann took down the New York Daily News, on “Olbermann.” Then, the Golf Channel. Then he really won our hearts by telling Pete Prisco to shut up.

And then there was his 9/11 sports PR fails, and his evisceration of MLB for its handling of the Navy Yard shooting.

So, yeah, I like the show. And here’s Olbermann killing it again, this time giving an awesome bunch of vulgar sports rants, in honor of Bo Pelini’s tirade against Nebraska fans.

See, ESPN isn’t all bad.