“Sweet Jesus WTF”: This Photo Of An Oklahoma Wide Receiver Was Posted On A College Sports Message Board

  • Dan Fogarty

This year figures to be a big one for Oklahoma wideout Kenny Stills. He’s coming off a sophomore season in which he caught 61 balls for 849 yards and 8 touchdowns, and will more than likely be Landry Jones’ top target in the Sooners’ high-powered offense.

Here he is in a dress.


According to someone who posted in the thread on 247sports.com (which is where the photo was posted), the chesty pic was meant in jest.

It was done as a joke. One of our DB Gabe Lynn got married this weekend and they posted that saying they had another bridesmaid. I think it was supposed to be an inside joke that wasn’t supposed to get out.

Which is all good — the eyebrow-raising photo has long been a staple of any successful college athlete (just ask Jared Sullinger, Jimmy Clausen, or Cam Newton). And although the message board thread is full of the type of stuff you’d expect in response to this photo (“Sweet Jesus wtf” and a bunch of variations on “Dude, that’s SUPER ghey”), and Stills got some confused Twitter messages afterwards, we’re glad it was posted — it led us to Kenny Stills’ Twitter page, which is an eclectic mix of real-life advice (“I’m enjoying life. Do the same. Huey newton”) and introspective questions (“If God sneezed, what would you say to him?”). Here’s to our new favorite receiver in the Big 12.

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