Kentucky Football Coach Tweets Something About Money And Recruits, Deletes It Immediately

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Kentucky Football Fans Empty Stadium

Yesterday, we found out that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo doesn’t know how to use Twitter, committing a recruiting violation for Michigan football via the platform that he runs. His blunder was minor and funny, though, even for Michigan fans. This one is not minor, and definitely not funny for Kentucky fans. But hilarious for us.

Kentucky Football Money Cheating Tweet

Of course, we can’t verify that the Tweet is real, because it’s deleted. But he does tweet CattttttDadddddyyyyy all the time, so it’s consistent with his creative persona. And, of course, even if he did tweet it, that doesn’t mean that Kentucky football consists of cheaters.

But it certainly isn’t a good look for a team with a surprisingly solid 2014 recruiting class and a new head coach.

Not to mention John Calipari sitting over there in the corner, in Derrick Rose makeup, studying the definition of “execrable.”

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