Kentucky Offered This Seventh-Grade Cornerback A Football Scholarship… Wait, HAHAHAHA

  • Matt Rudnitsky

NCAA rules, laws so ironclad that not even the cleverest skirters of the law can skirt, dictate that colleges “cannot make handwritten offers to prospective recruits until their senior year of high school.” They can make verbal offers, though, which makes things like this possible:

Kentucky offered a scholarship to seventh-grader Jairus Brents on Thursday after the 13-year-old participated in a football camp at the university this past weekend.

Yes, this is a seventh-grader, a kid who probably has many friends whose balls have not yet dropped.

Speaking of balls dropping, Brents did not drop three passes that he wanted to intercept against old, athletic people.

The 5-foot-8, 152-pound Brents was put into a group with all Class of 2014 receivers at the Kentucky camp. Brents intercepted three passes and broke up several others. He will also attend camp at Louisville, Vanderbilt and Western Kentucky this summer.

To be clear: the Class of 2014 receivers were probably 17 and 18 years old. Brents is 13. He is very good.

To be more clear: the University of Kentucky offered a phenom a scholarship in football. John Calipari does not coach the football team (though Mark Stoops does now, and he might actually do good things). Unless Stoops is Recruiting Jesus or buys him the best Recruiting Hookers or something, Brents will not sign with Kentucky. If he does, it’s probably because he peaked as a seventh-grader and wound up not being that good.

Unlike seventh-grader David Sills saying he will actually go to USC after receiving the meaningless “verbal offer,” Kentucky will actually have to become good at football before getting middle-schoolers to make the foolish decision of choosing their college at 13.

The Kentucky LOLCATS, everyone.


h/t Amin