Happy New Year From Lane Kiffin, A Man Who Clearly Wants You To Make Fun Of Him

  • Glenn Davis

I finally figured it out. Lane Kiffin is not overrated. Lane Kiffin is not in over his head. And that is because Lane Kiffin is not even a football coach at all. Lane Kiffin is an artist, and his body is his canvas. His artistic aim? Provide college football fans everywhere with endless entertainment at his expense. And today at the Sun Bowl, he might have created his greatest work to date:

Sure, his Trojans lost 21-7 in a pitiful performance, but that didn’t matter. What mattered to Kiffin is that he got to express himself in front of a large audience, using the powerful visual medium of television to convey his message: “I exist to be mocked. Mock away, friends.” And mock they did. One tweet, though, stands out from the pack:

“Kane Kiffin,” eh? Might this be Lane’s next outfit?

Kindly let that image ring in the new year for you.

Screencap via @NAWTADIGM