LaVar Arrington Went To Penn State But Is Actually Saying Smart Things

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Former (and current) Penn State football players are in a really tough situation right now, having to balance their inherent desire to have pride in their school with the realization that, well, they probably shouldn’t be so proud. Matt Millen, for one, isn’t handling it well.

LaVar Arrington, however, is handling it well. Arrington, a recently-retired NFLer and former Penn State star linebacker, appeared on Yahoo’s Wetzel to Forde show, where he was candid, honest and smart regarding Penn State, in light of the Freeh report’s damning evidence.

“If you really think about it, how much do I really know [coach Joe Paterno]?” Arrington told the “Wetzel to Forde” radio show. “How much do we really know him? I know the coaching figure – just like with Jerry Sandusky, I knew the coaching figure. I mean, there’s obvious ways of looking at this right now with 20-20 hindsight, but I didn’t know the person I thought I did.”

I can’t even imagine how Arrington is feeling right now, but he’s making a ton of sense. He didn’t see the negative sides to Sandusky and Paterno while he was playing at State College. But still, he now realizes that they were present. It wasn’t his fault, but it’s disheartening. Arrington found out during the trial that Sandusky used him as “the candy to lure Sandusky’s victims to his van.”

Arrington also offered his thoughts on what the consequences should be.

“I think the best thing is anybody who had any type of knowledge about it and it’s connectable to them, they should be gone immediately,” Arrington said. “I think after today, and I’ll look at the Freeh Report again, and again, and probably again after that. I just think that any way, any how, something or someone is related to it, it has to be purged from the institution itself.

“And then they have to do a lot of work to rebuild a tarnished reputation based upon what took place and the lack of action and the failure as an institution to protect children.”

Well said, LaVar. And hopefully Millen’s taking notes.

[Dr. Saturday]