The Mystery Of The ESPN Analyst’s Missing Head

  • Barry Rothbard

A probably-intoxicated Oregon Ducks fan appears to be the culprit in “the mystery of the ESPN analyst’s missing head.” The hoodlum stole Lee Corso’s beloved prop on Saturday, and the police are on the case. You read that right: the police are now involved in trying to find out who stole Lee Corso’s giant prop head.

In case you’re unaware, Corso, a college football analyst for ESPN, has a bit where he reveals his predictions for games by putting on the school mascot’s head. In a decidedly meta move by Corso, he’s recently taken to wearing around a massive version of his own head.

College Gameday, the show Corso works for, was in Corvallis, Oregon for the Civil War between the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers, which Oregon won handily to advance to the BCS title game. Erin Andrews broke the story on Twitter yesterday, and asked for the head’s safe return.

UPDATE: the head has been found by an OSU employee. According to this report, it was worth $5,000.

Regardless, the following commercial now has incredibly sinister undertones:

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