This Billboard Offers Yet More Proof That Les Miles Is The Best

  • Glenn Davis

Oh, Les Miles, you entertain us in so many ways. Whether you’re eating grass, kissing a pig, or leading one of the nation’s top football programs – well, you act crazy, but you sure know how to keep your audience engaged. And when you posed for this photo apparently advertising a chicken-strip-specialty chain called Raising Cane’s you had to know how much we would all love it.

And, again, you’re not crazy. We really do love it. (And so does the dog, it looks like.) SB Nation’s Brian Floyd didn’t even know what you were advertising and still pledged his undying loyalty. “I’ll take all of them,” he said. Will we take “all” the chicken fingers? We’re not sure. Will we take all the Les Miles we can get? Les, you know the answer, you sly devil. Keep doing what you do.