Less-Than-Nimble Referee Carted Off Field After Injuring Self, Another

  • Joe Levine

NFL referee Ed Hochuli sometimes catches flak for being pretty much the only referee in any sport in amazing shape. After seeing what happened to a referee in today’s Northwestern-Penn State game, maybe everyone should be following Hochuli’s example.

Maybe Hochuli is an impossible example for these old men to live by, but any kind of exercise between games is recommended, especially after this extremely-avoidable, non-contact injury.

Watch as this referee has trouble avoiding the pile and ends up injuring himself and Penn St. safety Malcolm Willis in the process.

Although Willis was able to walk off his injury, the referee was not so lucky: he apparently suffered a ruptured quad tendon and had to be carted off the field. I can’t help but wonder if this could have been avoided if only the old man had been P90X-ing in the offseason. Maybe then he could have literally walked away from the scrum before it got near him.