Who Said Long Snapping Wasn’t Cool? Here Is A Legendary Long Snapping Trick-Shot Video

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Can you name one long snapper in the NFL? If so, I’m impressed. This guy, Zach Smith, is the No. 2 long snapping recruit in the country, and a USC commit for their 2013 recruiting class. This long snapping trick-shot video is from a few days ago, but it just came to our attention. And while a long snapping trick-shot video may not sound exciting, we assure you that it is.

If long snapping is cool, consider him Miles Davis.

It’s always hard to tell if these things are entirely real, but regardless, it’s a fantastic video. Sadly, without more videos, we will all forget Zach Smith’s name, even if he becomes the best long snapper in all of long-snapping history.