Louisville Beat FIU So Bad That They Changed The Rules Of Football To Get The Game Over As Fast As Humanly Possible

  • Jake O'Donnell

florida international u of l 2013

Louisville was favored by 42. They almost won by twice that: 72-0. It got so bad, at one point early in the second half, FIU seemed to wave the white flag, and allowed the clock to run free, like a wild stallion, galloping across the plains…

…or like a small town rural Pop Warner team getting blown out by the big bad suburban squad with the cool jerseys. You get the point.

A running clock is the non-recreational sports equivelant of the “mercy rule,” whereby coaches and officials decide to hurry a game up by skirting the rules so that no one has to endure watching a massacre any longer than they have to. Short of ending the game at 51-0 with 18-minutes to go, the humane individuals over on the Louisville sideline suggested everybody just let the clock run out.

But wait, Louisville was the team that was winning, right? Oh, I see.


Obviously, FIU’s coach wasn’t going to say he asked for the mercy rule. That’s not really how mercy works, anyways — it would be the “Uncle Rule” if you asked for your own leniency. So U of L didn’t cross any ethical lines by suggesting the clock run continuously, right? What about the 10 freakin’ touchdowns? Were those necessary? Was Louisville running the score up as revenge for losing to Florida International two years ago (thanks in large part to current Colts WR, T.Y. Hilton)? Or are they simply that good, and FIU that bad? Probably a little bit of both. Here’s the boxscore highlights in case you’re curious what those lopsided statistics might look like:

– Louisville scored 10 touchdowns
– Teddy Bridgewater had four touchdowns
– 10 players scored touchdowns (including QBs)
– Louisville returned the halftime kickoff for a 93-yard touchdown
– Four different running backs got in the endzone
– FIU had only 2 first downs and 30 total yards
– FIU attempted only passes

H/T Yahoo!, Photo via Getty