“Pony,” “Panties,” And Other Words You Can’t Say On Facebook If You’re A Student-Athlete At Louisville Or Kentucky

  • Evan Sporer

In an age where social media is constantly expanding, what’s being said by college athletes on Twitter and Facebook is always under the microscope. After all, it only takes one instance of talking about how you “need some p-ssy tonight, man” for your scholarship to go up in smoke.

Now, in order to curb potentially harmful tweets and status updates from the kids wearing their uniforms, Kentucky and Louisville are employing an interesting strategy.

According to USA Today, both colleges use monitoring software to track their student-athletes’ social media use. If certain words are used by the accounts of their players, the player’s coach is sent an email.

The tracking software is also being used by other schools across the country.

The words range from the seemingly innocuous “pony” — a euphemism for crack cocaine — and “panties,” to all manner of alcoholic drinks and sexual expressions usually heard on the street.

I think the younger you are, the more you appreciate how secretly hilarious this is. There are so many dumb things you can say on Facebook, Twitter, etc. that would probably get you flagged by this social media tracker. But USA Today provided some examples of instances which raised the red flag.

One student posted on March 26: “I have some OxyContin. It will make you feel good. #drugs,” records show. Another posted: “I thought I found the girl of my dreams at the strip club.” Another recalled a night of drinking: “I don’t remember last night, but my credit card statement says I had a kick-ass time.”

One student was flagged for writing, “God is the only one who can heal me, help me & fight for me” — because the “fight” was used in the post.

The two schools (and any other school that wishes to engage in social media tracking) can do so under the Freedom of Information Act.

As a current NCAA student-athlete, I’d be completely fine with my college tracking my social media. (Although, I don’t expect them to.) But if they do, I better stop tweeting about putting the panties on the pony. Otherwise, it’s game over.

[h/t Bro Bible]