LSU And Iowa Have Eaten 4,000 Pounds Of Outback Steakhouse Food This Week, Definitely Not In The ‘Fight Hunger Bowl’

  • Jake O'Donnell

Last night, Washington and BYU met up in the “Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl,” a charity-leaning sponsorship designed to donate “over 300,000 meals in three years to the Bay Area’s hungry.” Meanwhile, the Outback Bowl, a corporate advertisement for shitty restaurant fare, has already gone through over 4,000-pounds of food on the Iowa and LSU football teams (according to SportsCenter). The discrepancy between the two bowl game initiatives is as ironic as it is sad.

On one hand, you have a bowl game meant to feed the needy. On the other, a bowl game meant to over-feed the most well-fed eating machines on Earth. Ahem, that’s kinda fucked up. We’re not sure how much food is normally consumed at pre-bowl game promotional luncheons, but 4,000-pounds sounds a bit ridiculous for two football teams. And it doesn’t stop there — a Key Lime pie-eating contest is scheduled for Wednesday.

Once again, there’s nothing wrong with eating your fill, but compared to a bowl game meant to feed the hungry, something as gluttonous as the Outback Steakhouse Key Lime pie-eating contest seems pretty awful by comparison.