Mack Brown Loses His Mind In Front Of The World

  • Joe Levine

You know that thing that more and more idiotic football players are doing where they drop the ball right before they cross the goal line for a touchdown, thereby actually fumbling? That happened to Kansas State last night against Texas, and the ensuing series of events led to Longhorns coach Mack Brown descending into insanity on live television.

First, the play in question, where you can clearly see this idiot for Kansas State drop the ball at the one. Come on, dummy. Score your touchdown and spike the ball like a normal person.


Rather than award Texas with the ball at the one or at the 20 after a touchback, the referees gave Kansas State the ball at the one yardline. As you might imagine, that’s when Mack Brown lost it, throwing an epic temper tantrum that not even members of the Longhorn team or staff would step in to interrupt. Definitely worth watching, via ABC:

My favorite moment? When Mack throws his headphones on the ground in disgust, only to immediately realize he needs them to do his job:

Mack's Headphones

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