“Is Manti Te’o The Greatest Homosexual Linebacker Of All Time?” Asks Mike Francesa Prank Caller

  • Dan Fogarty

In light of the news that Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend was a hoax — and, keep in mind, this is a story that gains a unique new wrinkle pretty much every hour — those in the more conspiratorially-minded corners of the internet have come up with a theory: that Te’o is gay, and Lennay Kekua was his Twitter-engineered beard.

As of now, that theory needs to be treated with crackpot gloves, since, well, it’s exactly that: a crackpot theory. Still, because a story about a fake dead girlfriend apparently isn’t enough, and people are people, layers of sexual deceit must be added to make-a-da-crack-a-pot-more-a-spicy. Notre Dame-hating message boards — and they are legion — have taken that social media hologram-as-cover-for-gayness theory and run with it, earnestly.

New York City’s sports talk radio listeners have taken that theory and used it to torment Mike Francesa.

Bob’s Blitz, the internet’s finest purveyor of prank calls to the tri-state area’s undisputed #1, got their hands on one such call from “Vinny from Rockaway.” In it, Vinny poses a very important question — one that only a living, (heavily) breathing sports encyclopedia like Francesa could answer.

[Bob’s Blitz]