Manti Te’o And His Fake Dead Girlfriend Were Made Fun Of On Saturday Night Live Last Night

  • Joe Levine

Manti Te’o has been taking a beating this week, so naturally he had to get the business from Saturday Night Live. And on last night’s SNL, they didn’t waste any time giving it him, going at him during the cold open.

In the spoofed Piers Morgan episode, after Morgan (played by Taran Killam) interviewed Lance Armstrong, he spoke with Te’o (played by Bobby Moynihan). Check out the video below, and be on the lookout for my favorite line after Morgan asks Te’o about whether this whole ordeal has been devastating:

“It is, but it’s even more devastating for my girlfriend, Lanay… A couple months ago she called me up and was like, ‘hey, I have bad news, I’m dead.”

Awesome. Now check out the rest for yourself, via Hulu: