These Manti Te’o Tweets, Retrospectively, Seem Awfully Strange And Eerily Prophetic

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

By now, you should all know what happened regarding Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o and his inspirational story that wasn’t. His late girlfriend Lennay Kekua, who died in September, did not, in fact, die at all. She wasn’t even his girlfriend. This is because she wasn’t even a real person. Deadpsin broke the story earlier today and if you aren’t up to speed, please familiarize yourself now.

Now knowing what we know about Te’o, we thought it was worth going into the Twitter vault and finding 140-character snippits from his account that might seem funny/ironic/odd with the benefit of hindsight. Well, thank you hindsight. And thank you [comedian/Parks and Recreation writer] Joe Mande, for plucking out a whole bunch of these already.

It starts innocently enough, yet still oddly foreshadows the tumultuous road Te’o would have ahead of him.

Things like, “I had this girlfriend, then she died,” when that person didn’t exist and you may or may not have known that?


Sure have been a lot of those turning today.

Wait, what?

Woooahhh. Weeeiiiiird.

Yes Manti, they do.

Yes Manti, it is.

Well, time to swing.