Please, Let This Latest Rumor About Jerry Sandusky Not Be True

  • Glenn Davis

Penn State fired Joe Paterno last night, deciding it couldn’t proceed at all with the legendary coach in the wake of the sickening scandal surrounding former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. And while nothing can erase something like child sex abuse allegations, if there’s any positive to Paterno, plus Penn State’s athletic director, senior vice president, and president all losing their jobs, it’s that maybe the school can now start to move on, that maybe the worst of this mess is finally over.

But if something reporter Mark Madden said this morning is true (Madden’s received some recognition in recent days for writing this Sandusky column months ago), then amazingly, horrifyingly, this scandal might be about to get even worse. Madden joined WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan this morning and shared what he deemed to be a “rumor” about another potential allegation against the “charitable” organization Saundusky founded (and through which he found his victims), The Second Mile. The rumor is disgusting. Here it is (again, this is truly disturbing stuff):

“I will use the only language I can…Jerry Sandusky and Second Mile were pimping out young boys to rich donors*. That was being investigated by two prominent columnists even as I speak.”

If that makes you so sick you can’t continue, we don’t blame you. There are a couple things worth keeping in mind here: one, that Madden is, in the words of Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky, “a professional troll.” Madden even alluded to this himself in discussing why his original Sandusky column didn’t get more play: people thought he was just trying to stir up trouble. Also, as he said, it’s a rumor. This hasn’t been proven true yet. Hopefully, it never will be.

However, troll or not, Madden’s become an authority on this scandal due to his column in April. If he says something about Sandusky, people are going to pay attention. Also worth noting: last night, Brooks Melchior of Sports By Brooks tweeted that “there will soon be a new, major allegation” about Sandusky. He added that, if true, “it will horrify the public.” Well…consider the public horrified. Considering those tweets last night, and Madden’s rumor this morning…the pieces, disgustingly, fit.

Again, hopefully the rumor is just that, but it’s out there now. We thought this scandal couldn’t get uglier – we were wrong. The fact that anyone even thinks this could be true shows what a nightmare this all is already. If it turns out that Madden’s speculation is once again on the mark…then the horrors to emerge so far are just the beginning. Hard to imagine this story could actually get worse – but it was hard to imagine a story like this in the first place.

*As far as we could tell, this didn’t specify which donors – Second Mile donors, or Penn State donors. Second Mile seems more likely to us, but obviously, it’s about the worst thing imaginable either way.

Photo by Andy Colwell for the Patriot-News, via