Maryland’s Uniforms Tonight Are Even Crazier Than Expected

  • Glenn Davis

When Maryland unveiled their many, many, many new football uniforms last month, they were the talk of the sport. Not always in a good way, mind you, but like we said at the time, these were bold choices. There were 16 different possible uniform combinations. Two different helmets. The Terps showed off so many uniforms that day, in fact, that the only ones they didn’t show were…the ones they’re wearing tonight against Miami in their season opener.

Sure, they showed ones that looked similar, but none with this particular Maryland state flag pattern to them…and those helmets. The turtle shell helmet (which you can also see here) made some waves, but they didn’t show off tonight’s helmets, which are also Maryland-flag-based, and…well, courtesy of our own Tim Burke, you can see them above. Crazy, right? We’d say so…but wait. There’s another side to those helmets/uniforms as well. And Tim also captured that side. Here’s what it looks like:

If you’re not watching tonight’s game (or see it later and missed the uniform fuss), maybe you’re thinking, “Now, can those possibly both be the same uniform?! That would look so crazy, I can’t even imagine!” Well, here’s your mind getting blown, via jose3030:

Yes, it’s all part of one crazy, crazy design. A design that hypothetically allows Maryland to go something like four seasons in a row without ever wearing the same exact uniform/helmet combination twice. We will spare you the largely horrified Twitter torrent that accompanied the reveal of these wild threads (not least because there’s a good chance you experienced it already), with one exception: LeBron James, just because.

OH GOSH! Maryland uniforms #Ewwwwww!

LeBron, we believe you finally find yourself on the right side of public opinion. Oh, and another thing about the uniforms: Maryland’s playing a football game in them. At halftime, they lead the embattled Hurricanes 20-14 (UPDATE: and they won the game, 32-24). Lord help us if Maryland decides these things are good luck.