Meet Pittsburgh Panthers’ Punny New Placekicker: Chris Blewitt

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The Pittsburgh Panthers are planning on starting a freshman placekicker in the 2013 season. His name: Chris Blewitt. That’s a lot of pressure; we sincerely hope he doesn’t blow it. We can already see the headlines: Blewitt Blew It For Pitt, Knew It From The Snap. Blewitt Blows It Again With Missed Field Goal. Blewitt Stays True To His Name, Ruins Pitt’s Title Hopes (OK, sorry, we’ll stop the puns now… but it’s just so tempting).

Poor Chris. Kickers have enough pressure without having a name like this. But this brings to mind a question: What is the most unfortunate name an athlete (or person) can have? Some ideas:

– Basketball Player: Chubby Cox (yes, he was real)
– Sprinter: Riley Slowman
– Basketball Player: Kent Shoot
– Baseball Player: Otto Matticout
– Announcer: Gerry Sandusky
– Person: Kim Kardashian (low-blow, sorry)

America, let’s hear your suggestions in the comments. Don’t blow it.

[Dr. Saturday; image via]