Michael Sam Receives Emotional Standing Ovation At Missouri Basketball Game (Video)

  • Rick Chandler

So it was a pretty amazing night at the University of Missouri on Saturday. First the football team was honored for its Cotton Bowl victory during halftime of the men’s basketball game vs. Tennessee in Columbia. It was Michael Sam’s first appearance on campus since the Missou linebacker came out as gay last month, and the reaction was … well, he got an emotional standing ovation, proving that there’s still some hope on this confusing, chaotic planet.

But the most inspirational moment came before the game, outside. Members of the Westboro Baptist Church, a group of recreational homophobes who seek out controversy like retirees seek inexpensive RV parks, decided to picket Mizzou Arena with their fun message of bigotry and intolerance. Only it didn’t go as they had planned. Here’s what happened:

In a world where you can usually only find a line like this in front of Best Buy on Black Friday, this is pretty inspiring. Not that making Westboro Baptist look like fools is very hard to do, but well played, Missouri students. Well played indeed.