In An Insane Sequence, Michigan State Scores Touchdown On Lateral, Then Successfully Fakes Extra Point

  • Glenn Davis

The inaugural Big 10 championship game featured a huge comeback – and it’s only half over. Michigan State, once down 21-7, quickly rebounded to take a 29-21 halftime lead over Wisconsin. But it was the way they took that lead that was the most impressive aspect of the whole thing…and the guy who gave the Spartans a spectacular last-second win in their first game against Wisconsin this year made it happen.

Keith Nichol, the former quarterback who now plays receiver, caught a Hail Mary pass and barely crossed the goal line to give Michigan State a win over the Badgers in October. And tonight, Nichol used a couple skills perhaps honed at his previous position – namely, amazingly good awareness of what was happening around him and getting teammates involved – to put another touchdown on the board. Just as it looked like he was about to forced out of bounds inside the 10-yard line, Nichol got creative…to the delight of Gus Johnson:

The faked extra point was a perfect cherry on top there: it’s almost as if Michigan State decided after their crazy touchdown, “Well, clearly we can do whatever we want, so we might as well go all out.” And it worked. While Wisconsin could easily come back and win, it certainly won’t be as easy as it looked like it would be early on. And if the game’s in doubt late and the Spartans have the ball…well, far be it from us to tell Wisconsin’s defense how to play, but we’d really key in on No. 7.

Video by CJ Fogler.