Star Football Recruit Mike Bellamy Probably Should Not Have Posed For These Photos

  • Glenn Davis

UPDATE: Word is the money belonged to Bellamy’s aunt and the pose was intended as a joke. Clemson and Bellamy’s high school coach Binky Waldrop? Not amused:

“He was just acting like a stupid teenager,” Waldrop said.

“I talked to the Clemson coaches. They just wanted to know what happened. They weren’t very happy with Mike — and rightly so — and neither was I … Once they got a hold of him, I think he realized ‘this is not the smartest thing I have ever done.’

Really, we think this is a distraction from the important point here: there is a man named Binky Waldrop.

The original post is below.

Running back Mike Bellamy is a really good football player. He put up huge numbers as a senior, Rivals ranked him as the 25th-best player in the country for the class of 2011, and he’s headed to Clemson in the fall. Along with being such a highly-ranked recruit comes scrutiny, however, and when Bellamy poses for pictures like two that hit the internet this morning – even if he probably did nothing wrong – there will be plenty of it.

Again, we emphasize, these pictures do not constitute any evidence of any kind of violation on Bellamy’s part. We don’t actually think he committed one ourselves. But given the current dominant storyline in college footballwhy, man?


Joke or no, this seems like the kind of thing that, now that it’s out in public, could potentially raise some eyebrows in unwanted places. Sure, Bellamy’s only a high schooler and will undoubtedly get much more intensive schooling about what he should and shouldn’t do when he gets to Clemson, but even so…not smart.

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