After Demolishing Oklahoma, Mike Gundy Danced Again

  • Glenn Davis

Following an improbable comeback over Texas A&M earlier this season, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy danced in the locker room, creating the biggest Mike Gundy internet sensation since he loudly asserted his gender and age all those years ago. And last night, after his team crushed Oklahoma 44-10 to win its first Big 12 title, one would think Gundy was pretty happy. Gundy was. How did he celebrate? You already know, but see it at the 40-second mark below:

College Football Talk’s Ben Kercheval said the dance above was “not nearly as good as [Gundy’s] last effort,” but I don’t know: I thought he got pretty into this one, too. And look how his players eat it up. Seeing that, and the way his guys play for him – OSU’s now 22-3 over the last two seasons – this guy’s tapped into something special in Stillwater. Yeah, he’s a man – and a damn good coach, whether or not his team gets to play for a national title.