Today In “The Worst Possible Ways To Find Out You’ve Been Fired” (UPDATE)

  • Glenn Davis

Mike Sherman is out as Texas A&M coach. The development wasn’t a surprise, after a season that began with great promise ended in a 6-6 record and a string of late-game collapses. The Aggies couldn’t enter the SEC on that note, and the relative lack of job security is part of the coaching business. Even by the cold standards of coach-firing, though, one rumor from earlier today about Sherman’s dismissal made us think, “That’s just wrong“:

One important note: there’s also chatter that Sherman was informed of his ouster on the way to the recruit’s home, rather than once he got inside (and by the kid’s mom). That, while not exactly a blaze of glory, isn’t nearly as bad as it could be – i.e., what’s outlined in the tweet above. And, since the less crazy possibility is usually what actually happens, we’re inclined to believe that no, a recruit’s mom didn’t tell Mike Sherman he’d been fired just as he was about to try and convince her and her son that Texas A&M was going to do great things under his leadership.

But that doesn’t mean this isn’t a worthy thought experiment: what would be the worst way to find out you’ve lost your college football coaching job? A few possibilities (add yours in the comments if you’ve got ’em):

– Recruit’s mother informs you when you arrive at her house.
– Recruit’s mother informs you when you arrive at her house, by handing you your termination notice herself. The “mother” then takes off her costume and reveals “she” is actually veteran character actor Fred Ward. The trip – indeed, the entire recruitment of this prospect – has been an elaborate ruse to fire you.
– Singing telegram from athletic director.
– Athletic director singing song about your firing to you personally. Song composed by Weird Al Yankovic, prominently features accordion.
– Email from athletic director linking to this video.
– Informed by your successor, Mike Locksley.
– Singing telegram from recruit’s mother. Telegram delivered by recruit, recruit’s mother, and barbershop quartet.

UPDATE: Sherman gave a post-firing press conference earlier today. This is what he said about the circumstances of his dismissal:

“I was on a recruiting trip…we were almost in the driveway when I got a call from our athletic director informing me of termination. It was disappointing to me becaue my family found out before i did, because it was released before I was told. I think we’re better than that.”

So, again…not as bad as being told by the kid’s mom, but still a far less than ideal scenario. Sherman sure seemed to think so, anyway.

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