Mississippi State Had Some Trouble Running Onto The Field On Saturday

  • Glenn Davis

Mississippi State’s looking to bounce back from a disappointing 7-6 record in 2011, and got off to a solid start on that end on Saturday, easily dispatching an overmatched Jackson State squad 56-9. If the 2012 season started smoothly for the Bulldogs, however, the team’s pregame fire-up-the-crowd routine, well, didn’t so much. You know the routine: the band plays, the smoke machine… smokes, the color guard members run out – and then, so does the team. They jump around. The crowd goes crazy. It’s quintessential college football. Only when MSU took the field on Saturday, this happened.

Oh. Well. You know, of course the smoke machine might make things a little tough to see and the players are amped, so an incident like this is understandable and – wait – hold on…

(UPDATE: Sadly, it was requested we take the photo down, so we did, but you can still see what happened in the video above, and the photo lives on here.)


Seriously, how can anyone – Mississippi State fans included – not love this? Elite, well-trained athletes… and they’re basically re-enacting a Three Stooges scene. Needless to say, we immediately went about finding any potential video evidence of this pile-up we could find, and while we weren’t able to spot any up-close footage, we did get something – courtesy of Mississippi State itself. The school’s official athletics Youtube channel uploaded this video, and if you watch intently, two seconds in you can see the magic (and magic is exactly what this is) happen.

Even from far away… superb. That’s not to say we wouldn’t welcome a more close-up version of this video, though (and if you happen to find one and perhaps shoot it our way to tips@sportsgrid.com), we would love you always and forever. Almost as much as we love the MSU players involved in that pileup.

[h/t Blake Eddins via Eye on College Football]