A Moron Reporter Ruined Jim Mora Jr.’s Reflection On The Death Of Nick Pasquale

  • Eric Goldschein

jim mora jrA walk-on to the UCLA football team, Nick Pasquale, died this weekend when he was hit by a car. The redshirt freshman, who played wide receiver, was just 20 years old. More than being a contributor to a storied college football program he was — and I’m just guessing here — a person with hopes and dreams and a family that is shocked to have lost him.

UCLA coach Jim Mora Jr. took time during his press conference today to reflect on Pasquale and express his condolences. For reasons that are beyond unclear, a reporter took a phone call during Mora’s speech and proceeded to talk so loudly that he ruined everything:

No doubt about it: That guy needed to be disciplined. You can hear him raise his voice and drown out everything Mora was saying, which would be a mistake even if Mora had been discussing his favorite salsa. During a eulogy? We’ll be surprised if this guy keeps his job. What was that reporter even doing there, if not to take notes/audio/video of the press conference?

[Larry Brown Sports]