NCAA Football ’13 Will Let Us Commit Football Adultery

  • Eric Goldschein

This genius ad for the newest edition to EA’s NCAA Football franchise presents a simple question: You hate don’t like Tim Tebow, right? But would you hate him if he was a Bulldog? A Razorback? A Trojan? A Panther? Go ahead… try him on. No one has to know.

You’ll be able to put a Heisman winner on any team you want this year. What would be the coolest combinations? Cam Newton as a Duck? OJ Simpson as a Bruin? Reggie Bush as a… oh, yeah, never mind.

This commercial definitely hits some kind of sports fan nerve. At the end of the day, are we really just fans of the uniform? Does the name on the front mean more than those on the back? The knee-jerk reaction is no, but maybe try playing this game with Tebow once or twice and see how his running game opens up the field for your alma mater. You might even find yourself taking a knee in thanks.

h/t Quickish