NCAA Sanctions Can’t Stop This Penn State Defensive Lineman From Making A One-Handed Interception

  • Dylan Murphy

Alright, so this wasn’t quite one-handed. Penn State defensive lineman Jordan Hill sniffed out Virginia’s screen play, stuck his right paw up in the air and the ball, as it turns out, pretty much stuck to his hand – though he did use his left hand to reel it in completely. And then on the INT return, Hill gave us a little shimmy-juke as he advanced the ball deep into Virginia territory.

The INT didn’t turn into any points, however, as Penn State missed a 38-yard field goal, the second miss of the game. (The other was from 40 yards). Still, Penn State currently leads Virginia 7-3 at the half, though starting quarterback Matt McGloin is no longer in the game due to an injured elbow.

Video via CJ Fogler