Nebraska Football Coach Bo Pelini Had A Terrible, Terrible, Terrible Day

  • Jake O'Donnell

During Nebraska’s 38-17 loss to Iowa, “Angry McAngerson” Bo Pelini snapped at a reporter and almost punched a referee. Welp, you can’t knock him for backing down from, um, confrontation. Good game, bro!

The post-game was just as unkind to the beleaguered coach who, earlier this year, was put on blast by Deadspin for a leaked behind-the-scenes flip out recording. I took issue with the tape’s release. In hindsight, Bo Pelini is a total dick, so, ya know, let him have it. Case and point: His contempt for everyone was on full display during today’s press conference.

“If they wanna fire me, go ahead.” Thanks for giving your boss permission to make a personnel change.

Furious Bo Pelini Nearly Hits Official With His Hat

GIF via Deadspin