No One Can Seem To Decide Whether Or Not Oregon Will Wear This Helmet For Its Spring Game

  • Glenn Davis

You’ll never believe this, but an Oregon football uniform has people talking. Well, part of a possible uniform, to put a finer point on it. Spring practice, and the beginning of the post-Chip-Kelly era, is fast approaching, culminating in the spring game on April 27. And at this spring game, word leaked earlier today via explosive Ducks playmaker De’Anthony Thomas that the Ducks would be making their latest visual splash at that spring game with these helmets:

Digital camo? A color scheme that has basically nothing to do with any Oregon color? You think Oregon cares? Of course not! But wait: according to Oregon, Oregon will not be wearing these helmets. So who to believe: Oregon player, or Oregon equipment manager? To us, while maybe Thomas was mistaken, this has the feel of one of those things that got out earlier than Oregon wanted, so now they’re trying to cover their tracks so they can come back out and make a splash with these helmets later.

For what it’s worth, we hope they wear them. Yeah, the helmets don’t make a ton of sense, especially not with an accompanying uniform, but Oregon’s uniform strategy is about getting people to pay attention to Oregon, not making sense. We like having Oregon’s latest crazy uniform to talk about – and Oregon knows it. That’s why they keep coming up with new ones, and why if indeed the above helmet isn’t real, what the Ducks actually wear when the spring game comes around will probably be even weirder.

[Eye on College Football]