Nick Saban Berates Heather Cox During Halftime Interview For No Reason

  • Dylan Murphy

Alabama walloped Michigan 41-14 last night in front of a national audience, but the game was essentially over by halftime, with the Crimson Tide leading 31-7 at the break. ESPN’s Heather Cox, the sideline reporter for the game, caught up with Alabama coach Nick Saban at halftime to lob a few softball questions at him, including one about Alabama’s running backs by committee setup. And then this happened.

Wait, what? Simmer down there, cowboy. Nobody’s criticizing your backs. Just slam that softball out of the park instead of catching the pitch with your bare hand and chucking it at Heather Cox’s face. Cox, rather defensively, muttered “it’s all good, coach,” shocked that her interview wasn’t the usual 30-second chorus of bland blathering.

But ya see? Nick Saban never gives up. He doesn’t care what the scoreboard is. He’s a stickler for detail, ALWAYS. There was play in the fourth quarter when Alabama was punting, but the special teams unit earned a delay of game penalty. Saban stomped out onto the field, screaming at his punt unit for the error. Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit dutifully peddled the great-coaches-do-that bullshit in their subsequent commentary because NICK SABAN IS THE GREATEST COACH EVER. Seriously, Saban, just stop. Everyone sees through your show for the camera.

h/t Ride The Pine