Nick Saban Has An Even Bigger Stick Up His Ass Than Normal, Because He Lost Twice

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Are you kidding me, Nick Saban?

I understand that this is ROLL TIDE ALABAMA FOOTBALL, but you lost two damn games. The Iron Bowl was due to bad kicking and an insanely-lucky play, following a questionable coaching decision. Then, the Sugar Bowl loss to Oklahoma. Sure, that sucked, but for Alabama football, that game was meaningless, anyway. No National Championship = failure. Seriously, somebody got killed for not being upset enough after the Iron Bowl. That was the season. The Sugar Bowl was meaningless. And if the Iron Bowl loss is on anyone, it’s on fate and his buddy Nicky Satan…

I get that you have to motivate your players. I get that you have a stick up your ass. But chill the fuck out, Nick Saban. (He put this in every player’s locker:)

Alabama Crimson Tide Failure Poster

If I were a Crimson Tide player, I’d be pissed. But I guess this is all irrelevant, because Lane Kiffin’s hiring means guaranteed championships for the next decade.

I would have preferred this poster.

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