Nick Saban Has Detailed Answer To Claims That 'Bama Gave Star Recruit A Car: 'Kiss My Ass'

  • Rick Chandler

Our story so far: On Tuesday Alabama sophomore running back Derrick Henry posted an Instagram picture of his new car, a Dodge Challenger. Immediately, the kind folks who frequent social media started speculating that the car was illegal recruiting booty. Then former West Virginia QB Pat White said on Facebook: of course it is … when I was being recruited there, they offered me a Corvette.

Now there’s this whole controversy, and someone asked Nick Saban what he thought. His response was measured and wise, like the soberest of judges.

“Kiss my ass.” Ha.

White said that people should “stop pretending that they don’t know that the Crimson Tide has been doing this for years. I’m still glad I turned down a Corvette to become a Mountaineer.”

Note: Saban wasn’t at Alabama when Pat White was being recruited.