Nick Saban Gives Us His Annual Gift Of Press Conference Profanity

  • Glenn Davis

Last year, after his Alabama team lost its first game of the season, coach Nick Saban announced that the squad “[hadn’t] proved shit.” We loved this, of course, so it was our great pleasure to learn that today, Saban took a step toward making cursing at press conferences something of a yearly tradition. The cause this time: pesky reporters asking him questions about anything other than his team’s upcoming game. Saban’s frustration comes to a head beginning at the 2:30 mark below (video by’s Izzy Gould):

Imagine what that would have been like if Saban didn’t love the media so much.

Of course, coaches get annoyed at questions like this all the time. That doesn’t make it any less fruitless – sometimes, what media members’ readers/viewers/listeners want to hear about is different from what the coaches want to talk about, and that’s that. It won’t stop the likes of Saban from lamenting the “problems” caused by people who don’t do everything they want them to do. What’s a little weird about the above video to us is that before that 2:30 mark, Saban was totally composed. It’s like he was just replaying the questions over and over in his head, ginning up anger within himself until he finally snapped.

Also enjoyable: the apology, when Saban makes clear that he’s not actually mad at anyone. Why, he seems to almost be breaking into a smile as he says it. (The gathering of reporters certainly sounded amused.) Oh, Nick: you say you’re not mad, you say you love the media – why do we get the feeling “not mad” is code for “mad” and “love” is code for “barely tolerate except in moments you let your perpetual simmering contempt boil over, creating a mass of frothing hatred that could swallow a small country”? Oh well – maybe he was just pissed about the purple cape.

[h/t Kegs ‘N Eggs]