Nick Saban Thinks This Year’s Alabama Team “Hasn’t Proved S–t” (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

On Saturday against South Carolina, Alabama did something it didn’t do its entire national championship season last year – lose. And if there’s one thing the game taught Alabama coach Nick Saban, it’s that his current squad has a long way to go to attain such a lofty level. And if you think he minced words in saying so…well, check out the video below.

At his press conference yesterday, one media member quizzed Saban about a belief held by star Crimson Tide running back Mark Ingram that certain players on the team felt they could just show up and win, since they were mighty Alabama. Saban said he couldn’t speak for the players, but said that attitude is precisely how not to become the best you can be. Oh, and this:

…well, that was blunt. But bluntness is a Saban staple, so also not entirely unexpected. In the full, unedited version (which you can also see below), Saban apologized for using strong language and said he expected to get some letters about it, which he deserved. CBS Sports’ Adam Jacobi sent him one such letter, but about a much different issue:

What every self-respecting adult knows you should have said is as follows: “We proved it over 14 games. This team hasn’t proven s***. Excuse my language.”

However, we counter Jacobi’s argument with this. VICTORY IS SABAN’S. Full vdeo of his press conference below, with his unedited curse coming just after the 16-minute mark.