There Is Actually A Solid Chance That The Nick Saban To Texas Rumors Are True

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Nick Saban Texas

There have been recent rumors that Nick Saban could leave Alabama for Texas after this season, when there’s a good chance Mack Brown will be fired. Your first reaction would be to laugh at the possibility of Saban leaving a team that won the National Championship last year, is favored to win it all this year, and is built to contend for the foreseeable future.

Then you realize he has nothing more to prove at Alabama, that Austin is thousands of times better than Tuscaloosa, and that Texas has trucks full of million-dollar bills. He could be the first $10 million coach. This is complete speculation, but it’s not farfetched.

But the rumors were just based on the above conjecture, until this reportedly happened.

It appears that the “Nick Saban to Texas” rumor is both legitimate and gaining traction. As first reported by Inside Texas and then confirmed by ESPN radio, Nick Saban’s wife, Terry, was in Austin two weeks ago house hunting with her daughter-in-law.

The report supposedly comes from someone “unquestioned” credibility, and was “confirmed” by ESPN radio.

The original report on Inside Texas gives more details about Terry Saban’s trip to Austin, including realtor information, ties with that agent to the athletic department, shady real estate dealings in Alabama, and Saban’s relationship with Texas athletic department employees who likely helped set up the meeting.

It sounds legit. But, Mrs. Saban claimed that she only wanted a “vacation home.”

Austin isn’t your typical “vacation home” area, but it’s nice, so that’s not completely ridiculous. And it’s really weird she’d go now, when it would clearly get found out and be a distraction to the Crimson Tide. I’m not really sure what to make of this. It sounds like Nick Saban had a brain-fart and let his wife explore houses while he pondered the offer, but Nick Saban’s brain seals gas like an airtight anus.

Maybe the Sabans are just messing with us all. I, for one, am damn confused.

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