A College Football Player Waters The Hedges At Georgia, And By “Waters” We Mean “Pees On”

  • Glenn Davis

The hedges that surround either side of the field at Georgia’s Sanford Stadium like a set of parentheses stand among the most iconic sights in college football. Playing at Georgia? You’re going between the hedges. They lend an aesthetic quality to the stadium that screams, “College football in the South – there’s nothing like it.” But the hedges aren’t all about visual appeal – as Mississippi State’s Nickoe Whitley showed during his team’s 24-10 loss in Athens on Saturday, the hedges have a more practical use as well:

OK, maybe he could conceivably, theoretically be doing something besides relieving himself, but…what else would he be doing? It’s been this kind of season for Mississippi State so far: it began with high expectations, but so far they’re just 2-3, and they barely beat Louisiana Tech the week before Georgia took them apart. And now…almost literally caught with their pants down in front of a crowd of over 90,000. For the amount of grief he’ll take for this photo, we hope Whitley really had to go.