Confession Time: We Do Not Completely Hate Notre Dame’s Music Video Promoting Manti Te’o For The Heisman

  • Glenn Davis

I wanted to hate you, official Notre Dame music video promoting Manti Te’o for the Heisman. It’s not that I hate Te’o by any means – I don’t know the guy personally, but those who do seem to universally like him, great player, etc. But he plays for Notre Dame, and this video, having been created in an official capacity to advance the interests of Notre Dame, seems to be begging for my hatred. Plus, a cover of “Day-O”? The cornball potential is off the charts.

But then I watched you, official Notre Dame “Day-O” parody music video promoting Manti Te’o for the Heisman, and… I just couldn’t do it. I’m as surprised as you are: I thought I’d have an easy time hating you when that guy strumming an acoustic guitar first shows up and that “everything that’s good about college football” sound bite started playing. But then… the production value was actually pretty high. And the song didn’t seem to take itself too seriously. Corny? Yeah, but not in a way I can bring myself to hate. Why, I almost felt a soft spot for the whole undertaking.

So you win, official Notre Dame “Day-O” parody music video starring acoustic guitar bro promoting Manti Te’o for the Heisman… sort of. I’d still vote for Johnny Manziel if I had the chance. I’ll let everyone else make up their minds as to the video’s merits.

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