Notre Dame May Have Been Screwed Out Of Two Early Calls And The World Is Ending

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Because we’re here to make snap judgments (so you don’t have to!), let’s get started early here in the BCS title game. With the benefit of hindsight, these few early calls that went against the Irish might not even make a difference — the Crimson Tide are pretty much rolling (get it?), up 21-0 in the first quarter. It’s been a decidedly one-sided game so far, but these calls certainly didn’t help Notre Dame. Let’s examine.

The first such play was a sideline pass to tight end Tyler Eifert (above). He caught the ball above the Alabama defender, and seemingly managed to maintain possession until he fell out of bounds. But it was ruled out of bounds, which is kind of perplexing, considering he had control.

The second play was a fair catch called by the Alabama punt returner that he fumbled, and was recovered by Notre Dame. Except the call was reversed due to an interference penalty called on Notre Dame. Except there was no real interference, kind of.

Pac-12 refs are notoriously terrible at their jobs, but they can’t possibly be as bad at officiating as Notre Dame is at playing football on this night. Alabama has scored a touchdown on each of its three possessions, leaving the vaunted Irish defense nowhere to be found. You can go ahead and change the channel if you haven’t already.

[h/t SB Nation]