There Is Another “Fake Notre-Dame-Football-Related Thing” Hoax Afoot

  • Dylan Murphy

5-8, 189-pound running back Stanley Williams is a four-star recruit from Georgia who just finished his junior year of high school. Ranked near the top of most recruiting boards, he is considering offers from a handful of top football schools. Though he has unofficially committed to the University of Georgia, he is committed to reviewing all of his options before cementing his college future.

One of the schools on his list is Notre Dame, which he visited over the weekend and spoke about:

“‘The visit went great,’ Williams said. ‘It was great to experience something new and different, and we had a great time at the game. I had been looking forward to it for a while, and it was great to just get out there and see a new place. I plan on getting up there a couple more times in the future.'”

And some more:

“‘Before I took the visit I was very interested in them since they were coming by my school and showing interest in me,’ Williams said. ‘After taking the visit there, they are definitely high up there on my list and a factor in my recruitment. They’re definitely an option for me to go to. I’m just looking forward to continuing building our relationship.'”

Took him at his word, didn’t you? Have you learned nothing about Notre Dame athletics over these past few days? Did the Manti Te’o dead fake girlfriend hoax teach you nothing? It did? Well, then. So you know that Williams never actually visited Notre Dame. You know that he made up the visit entirely.

Did Stanley Williams make up this story because he’s gay? Has Stanley Williams met the real Lennay Kekua? Is Stanley Williams related to Ronaiah Tuiasosopo? Did Williams get in a car accident on his way to the visit? One source tells us he’s 80% sure Williams was involved in the hoax visit.

Well it turns out that 247Sports’s Rusty Mansell asked Williams whether or not he visited, and he replied simply, “No sir.” So there you have it.

[, via SB Nation]