Notre Dame Wants Michigan To Beat Them, According To Its Stadium

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Notre Dame and the Michigan have combined for three of the greatest finishes in all of sports the last three years. They’re playing under the lights of Notre Dame Stadium this Saturday, and the Fighting Irish are currently favored by 4.5 points in what has the looks of another great game.

In a rivalry like this, you’d expect both schools to want to win, badly. Right? Well, then why did Notre Dame Stadium have a “BEAT THE IRISH” banner in front of it, complete with the Wolverines’ “Block M?” Are they going to throw the game? Is this a conspiracy?!

It turns out, it was a prank! And it was pulled by Michigan students! Aha!

The Michigan Daily got to the bottom of it.

“The ironic part is that there were some Notre Dame students camped out on the other side of the stadium to protect it, but we came through the campus rather than from the road, so they didn’t see us coming,” one member said in a separate email.”

A bad omen for the potentially porous Irish defense, perhaps?

The group also claimed they raised a Michigan flag on a flagpole in one of the campus’ quadrangles and adorned statues of former coaches with Michigan apparel.

“With little lighting we couldn’t get a great picture,” the member continued. “Regardless, it was well worth it knowing that as kids were walking to class early this morning across the pristine lawns and perfectly manicured gardens of South Bend, there was a maize and blue ‘M’ flag flying above their heads.


Michigan has won the off-the-field battle, but sources say the result of the game will be determined on the field. And unfortunately, the banner was removed early Wednesday morning.

Although the Daily reported that Michigan students were the culprits, SportsGrid is compelled to point out that an anonymous tipster spotted a rotund man in a University of Kansas polo shirt at a nearby McDonald’s with three Big Macs in (each) hand.

[Michigan Daily; image via]