Oakland Coach Greg Kampe Flips Out Over Turnover, Narrowly Avoids Combustion

  • Brad Cohen

When Oakland University’s Reggie Hamilton turned the ball over with time winding down in the first half in their loss today to Texas, his coach, Greg Kampe, was not happy.

Kampe gave Hamilton a good old fashioned, eye-popping, cheek-jiggling chiding for his mistake. You can’t quite hear quite what the coach is saying, but judging by lip reading and CBS muting parts of his rant, it appears he used some choice words with the player.

The Oakland coach is known for being fiery–he once made a player drop down and do pushups during a game–so his passion is nothing new to his players. That’s probably why Hamilton just stood and bared the yelling straight-faced, and held out his hand to slap his coach five. Kampe obliged, giving Hamilton the encouraging slap…and then continued to scream.

Watch below:

Meanwhile, the coach’s screaming definitely didn’t hurt. Hamilton scored 15 of his 25 points in the second half, but Oakland still came up short in the 85-81 loss to fourth-seeded Texas.