The Ohio Governor Thinks It’s Badass To Make His Entire State Not Say The Letter ‘M’ On Ohio-State-Michigan Gameday

  • Matt Rudnitsky

As a bitter Michigan fan going to the Ohio State game at the Big House tomorrow, I’m as biased as they come. But… this is so lame that I broke the word “lame” out of the vault after years of no use. (Seriously, the word lame is incredibly lame, and I’m pissed at myself for using it.)

Ohio Governor John Kasich thinks it’s totally hilarious to ask an entire state to not use almost four percent of the alphabet for an entire day. Don’t forget to tell om and dad!


(Not sick.)

This is not “fun.” Fun is going to the game, or watching it on TV and calling the Michigan fan next to you a tiny-dicked nipple-eater (just one example). Fun is not removing a letter from the alphabet for citizens, a rule they assuredly won’t follow. I can guarantee I will hear many “Fuck Michigan!” yells tomorrow. I’ll probably hear things like “Urban Meyer is the fucking man!” which contains two “M”s. Their best player has an “M” in his name. It is not “fun” to yell, “Go Braxton Iller, beat that Ichigan defense, man! Oops, wait, I mean an!” (“Iller” would actually be a pretty great last name, but you get the point.)

I’m all for getting weird for the biggest rivalry in sports, but you can do better than this, Ohio. I really hope I get called an “outhbreathing otherfucker” toorrow as I eander Ann Arbor.

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