College Mascot Fired For Pregame Brawl With Other Mascot (UPDATE)

  • Glenn Davis

The Brutus Buckeye (Ohio State)-vs.-Rufus Bobcat (Ohio) fight delighted the internet earlier today, but it did not please the higher-ups at Ohio University, who correctly determined that the student (UPDATE: student at another school, to be exact) portraying Rufus Bobcat was no longer fit for the role.

UPDATE: According to Deadspin, the mascot was indeed not an Ohio U. student, and in his words, “the whole reason [he] tried out” was “to tackle Brutus.”

We can’t say we’re shocked at the fact that this kid isn’t actually a student at the university he humiliated, though we are surprised the school would give its mascot position to a non-student. We doubt they will do this again.

The rest of the original post is below.

Of course, as much entertainment as the video provided, this was probably the easiest call in the history of college mascot management. There is no way to positively spin the Bobcat’s actions here – he attacked Ohio State’s mascot entirely unprovoked in an attention-getting ploy, and could not have presented a more negative image of his entire university in doing so.

In addition to being relieved of mascot duties, the student is also “banned from any further affiliation with Ohio athletics.” Again, this seems like the least Ohio can possibly do. We frankly wouldn’t have been surprised if the costumed assailant turned out to be someone who really hates Ohio U. for some reason, stole the costume, and planned the attack to make the school look bad.

But it appears it was a fellow student sullying the school’s reputation for everyone else, and that student (UPDATE: from another school) had to go. We’re putting another video of Rufus Bobcat’s initial tackle below, just because. A surreal moment of abject stupidity, and we really can’t emphasize enough just how much the mascot deserved to be fired from the position over this.