College Football Mascot Fight Quickly Turns Ugly (Video)

  • Dan Fogarty

Well, this is just unfortunate. Ohio State’s mascot, Brutus Buckeye, was accosted by Ohio’s mascot, Rufus Bobcat, as he led his team onto the field during Saturday’s Ohio State-Ohio matchup.

The Buckeye’s won the game, 43-7, and also, it appears, the pregame mascot battle.

As you can see from the video, Rufus is clearly the instigator. He takes a running start and attempts to tackle Brutus to the ground, but to no avail (according to a message board post by someone claiming to be the guy in the Brutus Buckeye suit, once Rufus approached, he “lowered [his] shoulder and sent [Brutus] to the ground and his head popped off,” which is “the pinnacle of mascot embarrassment”).

As if that wasn’t enough, Rufus comes back for more, and appears to be legitimately punching Brutus the Buckeye. Usually, mascot fights are playful fare, but this one required security to break it up.

[Bucknuts via Deadspin]