The Earthquake In Oklahoma Left Kirk Herbstreit A Bit Distracted On The Air

  • Glenn Davis

Not long ago, Oklahoma was hit with a 5.6 magnitude earthquake. While that went down, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit was broadcasting from…Stillwater, Oklahoma, where Oklahoma State defeated Kansas State 52-45 earlier tonight. So you’ll have to forgive Herbstreit for his attentiveness not being at its peak when he was asked a question by colleague Chris Fowler…none of ours would have been.

And we have to say, for someone who’d just experienced an earthquake (or at least an aftershock), Herbstreit stayed impressively calm. When we saw this photo, we were expecting a bit more of a freakout, but while he sounded a little stunned, he kept his wits about him. In other words, he was a lot more Jim Furyk than Torrey Smith. Earthquake reaction videos, we’ve missed you so.

Video via Billy Krumb (@ClubhouseCancer)