An Oklahoma Quarterback Was Arrested For Passing Out Drunk And Snoring On A Hill. That’s So College, Bro!

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Kendal Thompson is a redshirt sophomore quarterback on the Oklahoma football team. He is also a college bro who got arrested for public intoxication, because he passed out on a hill, drunk.

Oklahoma’s Kendal Thompson was found in the early morning hours Friday passed out on a hill and snoring, according to The officers woke him, and smelled alcohol on him, the story said.

Implicated by snoring!

“As I was speaking with him, he was not making sense with incomplete sentences and was becoming harder to understand him,” said Boxford in the affidavit, according to

Incomplete sentences aren’t a crime where I’m from.

The story said Thompson then failed to obey an officer’s direction to stay seated, and that resulted in a charge of interference with the official process, along with public intoxication. said Thompson is four days from turning 21.

Ah, the ol’ “get arrested four days before turning 21” trick. Brutal. This is by no means a big deal, and should earn him a scolding by Bob Stoops, and that’s all. He may feel stress, and he may get less drunk in four days than he originally planned. Or not. He’s a dumb kid, as am I, and as are most kids on this planet. And at least his drunken escapades were far less detrimental than Tim Tebow’s fictional, drunken mishap that I recently conceived.

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